—  SMART Mastermind Group Coaching with Kimberlee Jo —

"With your coaching, I got a raise and an assistant! Now, I love my job. I wanted to thank you for all of your coaching. I especially like the worksheets of Wheel of Life, Start/Stop, Smart Values List, What is your Why and listening to my words on the recording. Thank you for all that you do! Looking forward to reading your book!"

Wendy Smith
Procurement Specialist for Major Accounts at Mission Imprintables

SMART Executive Mastermind Group Coaching

SMART Executive Mastermind Group Coaching offers a combination of education, coaching, brainstorming, peer accountability, and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Our coaches guide SMART Women through their personal transformative experience. Certified coaches follow The SMART Framework to guide and challenge each other to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them. We are supporting and kind to one another while we lift one another up to become the best we can be! Each session includes a SMART Group Coaching educational experience and an interactive group participation. All sessions will be recorded for the participating members.  SMART Sheets and Activities for goal setting and accountability for all participants will be shared so we can support one another and keep each other accountable. This is a supportive and life-changing offering in  SMART is the New Perfect.

Special Launch Pricing Only $97 per Session

We want to support you and be there for you.

We welcome you to the SMART Community! Let’s show our daughters and our sisters, our mothers, our friends that we can be our authentic selves and have amazing relationships, and take care of our selves and our bodies and make insane amounts of money! Together we can do anything we decide.

Let's all Ditch 'Perfect' Together!


Per Session Billed Monthly

2 Sessions Per Month for 3 Months

SMART Mastermind Group Coaching 

SMART Action Planning Guide

SMART Sheets

$97 per session payable every month- a minimum 3 months


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