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First, we want to welcome you! We are a movement built by women for women. We get it! Today’s modern woman is overwhelmed with getting everything done 'perfect'ly.

If you're new, please start with our FREE "What is 'Perfect' Costing You?" Quiz. It is a fun and easy way to get plugged into what women go through. We will show you how to uncover your authentic self and how to stand in your truth and your power. Click the button below to begin...

Take the Quiz - "What is 'Perfect' Costing You?"

Are you wondering why the timing is just right for SMART is the New 'Perfect'? Read this blog post

We are so excited you are digging in to how to Stand Up for what you want to stop and what you want to start in your life, how to Speak Up so that you will be heard and understood and how to Power Up so that you will remain strong in your authentic truth!

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Until you value yourself
you will be devalued!

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