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Founder of SMART is the New Perfect
Developer of The SMARFramework
Leader of The SMARWomen’s Movement
Author of SMARis the New Perfect (to be published 9/21/2020)

After years of trying to be the 'perfect' modern woman, where everyone wants a piece of you, I was burned out, tired, and frustrated not ever being able to cross the “finish line.” What evolved? 

SMART is the New Perfect

is a company designed to show women how to ditch the endless drive to be 'perfect.' Our programs are based on the proven SMART Framework designed to show women how to make the changes to live their authentic lives celebrating and honoring their unique passions and purpose.

Like the Phoenix Rising

I know what it feels like to never be good enough, to never meet other people's definition of 'perfect,' and to feel worthless. I have been through hell and back.

When I was thinking about starting a company, I had a feeling deep in my gut that my purpose was to show women how to stop striving to be 'perfect.'

Then life happened, and man, did it happen!

I was laid off, and then the economy plummeted. Like many others, we had significant financial challenges. I got cancer, then my mom died. And, to top it off, I went through a depression. Through all of this, I kept up the appearance of being 'perfect.' I never let those close to me know that I really wasn’t fine, because I didn’t realize I could be anything otherwise.

When I was at my lowest point, I found my life's calling. I believe it was necessary for me to experience deep pain in order to bring significant change to my life and to our world.

Ditch this Stupid 'Perfect' Thing

I know what it feels like to seek approval from the outside in order to feel good on the inside. I know what it feels like to not even know "who I was" or "what I stood for" because I was so busy trying to live up to the standards of 'perfect.'

Being 'phony' is draining. I was keeping quiet when I really wanted to speak up. I would smile and go along even when I disagreed. I would say "yes" when I wanted to say "no."

Finally I was sick and tired of living up to everyone else's definition of 'perfect.' Through inspiration and trial and error, I created the platform SMART is the New Perfect and developed The SMART Framework so other women do not have to experience my pain.

With the overwhelming response by women who are ready to ditch 'perfect,' I founded The SMART Women's Movement so we can support one another and we can lead this movement together.

I am SMART! Strong! Authentic!

Here’s the good part. I am healthy, and my business is thriving. And the best part??? I have really, really good life stories and lessons to share with the world. What at first was a feeling in my gut is now my life’s calling.

SMART is the New Perfect (my book!) will be available in 2019. I am living my dream leading women to Stand UpSpeak Up and Power Up and I have written about the journey and look forward to sharing it.

Look around the website for online courses, coachingSpeaking engagements and workshops full of oh-so-practical concepts.
We are focused on helping women become leaders, write their own destinies, and lead meaningful and purposeful lives.

Join us to live The SMART Lifestyle where you can learn how to own your power and live the life of your dreams.

As for that 'perfect' thing; I am happily 'Not Perfect.' I invite you to join me to create the life you are dreaming about! 

My Greatest Treasures

I love being a wife and a momma, even though my children are grown ups....eeek. My husband and I have been married over 33 years, no I was not a teenage bride so don't ask about my age:) Our daughter was married last summer so our family has grown. We live in Oregon so we have spent a lot of time in the mountains, on lakes and at the coast. We all love to travel and I especially enjoy getting a "big city fix." 

Bentley and Bailey

My furry babies are always at my side. They are Coton-De-Tulears, little French cotton dogs. Now that they are older we go for walks with their stroller to ride in when they get tired. They have sweet dispositions and they love to entertain with turning circles and sitting up straight like a person! 

The Impressive Stuff

I have worked as a strategist for technology and Fortune 500 companies including IBM, SAP, Oracle and Cisco. I worked closely with C-Level Executives and all levels of management. I have an expertise in leadership, business and organizational management. My business background complements my personal story to guide my corporate and individual clients and audiences with my many years of professional polish and effective communication skills.  I am a graduate of University of California, Berkeley and I have an MBA from the University of Oregon. I am a Certified Executive and Life Coach. 


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