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The 7 SMARTLife Lessons to learn from Desi Linden: A Committed, Hard-working Role Model for all SMART Women


Desi Linden becomes First American Woman to Win the Boston Marathon in 33 years.

"I'm thrilled. I'm exhausted. I left it all out there. Now I'm ready to warm up," Linden told CBS Boston.  "It hurts right now, but it's a perfect day for me. This is a grinder's day. That's why I keep showing up here, and I think that's why I have success here is because I can kind of tough it out through anything.”

Desi did not feel well on the morning of April 16, 2018. Her friend, Shalane Flanagan encouraged her to hang in there. The weather was brutally windy and cold. During the race, Desi waited for Shalene to go to the restroom - 13 seconds can make a big difference. She said that was actually a “turning point” for her in the race. She explained that she let go of her expectations and just ran.

From this inspirational woman, we can learn so many lessons:


She ran when she didn’t feel like it.

  • SMART Women show up even when we don’t feel like it.


Desi believed in herself and knew deep down she could tough it out.

  • SMART Women keep going when times are tough.


Desi confided in her trusted friend. Shalene encouraged her to stay strong.

  • SMART Women are there for one another.


She experienced a “turning point” where she essentially let go and ran.

  • SMART Women have faith.


Her husband, Ryan cheered her on. He met her at the finish line with tears streaming down his face.

  • SMART Women deserve relationships with supportive partners.


In lieu of wedding gifts, Desi and Ryan donated money to the One Fund, a charity to aid the victims of the Boston bombing.

  • SMART Women give back.


Desi’s dog’s name is Boston.

  • SMART Women have fun!


Our sincerest congratulations on a well-deserved win Desi Linden. Thank you for showing us how to have dreams, to work hard, to stay with it in hard times, to value our girlfriends, to have faith, to give back, to love our soul mates and to have fun. We will follow your lead! 

Imperfectly yours,



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