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SMART Women's Movement Community Membership


Join a Movement where we ditch 'perfect' and embrace

The SMARFramework

Master the 5 proven design principles of The SMARFramework and get rid of the never-ending cycle of striving for 'perfect'.


From the Desk of
Kimberlee Jo Buckingham

Hey there!

Are you overwhelmed trying to do everything 'perfectly' all of the time and you just can’t seem to stop? Do you know that you are exhausted and frustrated but you can’t find a way out of the cycle of 'perfection?'

The reality is that 1,000s of women around the world suffer the same challenges as you. Let me tell you this... it’s not your fault and you CAN design your life to bring more balance and more serenity to manifest your personal power to get what you want and what you deserve following the 5 Design Principles of The SMART Framework.

If you are trying to be the 'perfect' employee, the 'perfect' boss, the 'perfect' wife, the 'perfect' mother, the 'perfect' daughter, the 'perfect' girlfriend, the 'perfect' volunteer, while looking 'perfect,' acting 'perfect' and all the while making sure everyone is happy and everyone is taken care of... Whew it is a lot and I know! Because that was me.

Are you starting to feel more and more 'phony?' At work, do you pretend to be engaged? When you're at your mother-in-law’s or at any relative’s house do you 'go along to get along?' Do you say yes, when you mean no? Aren’t you drained when you get home?

Do you wonder if you can keep this 'perfect' woman thing going? Do you worry that you might fall apart (or maybe it's already happening)?

Welcome to the exclusive club of women banding together to ditch 'perfect.'

There are 1,000s and 1,000s of us who are looking for a solution to be amazing and powerful following a healthy and authentic path.

Ditch 'perfect' and join SMART Women supporting one another and leading future generations together in the SMARWomen's Movement Community Membership.

You will be supported as you  leave 'perfect' behind by embracing The SMARFramework and designing your SMART Lifestyle. Many have lost weight, improved relationships, started companies, found new jobs or got raises and most are practicing much better self-care. We know you are busy! Get SMART Snack Size Tips to Go  Resources - Tools -Research - Interviews - Online Courses - Monthly Membership Calls designed to be incorporated into your life now. 

Imagine...Having the Support to become the woman the world needs now

...being able to live your life being the authentic you, going to work where you make a difference, having deep and real relationships with the people you care about, making good money, showing up to the world as the unique and amazing woman you are. Imagine spending your day doing the things that fill you up and make you feel needed. Imagine going to bed at night and know that you matter!

SMART Women's Movement Community Membership


We guide you through The SMART Framework with a VIP Online Course, videos, a monthly membership call with Kimberlee Jo, a community of SMART Women to share experiences and lessons learned, research, interviews, resources and tools at your fingertips. Network to increase your opportunities and discounts for members only!

Increase your confidence Own Your Authentic Power!

Uncover your Values and Beliefs

Celebrate your Character Strengths

Stand in your Truth

Create a Sustainable SMART Lifestyle

The SMART Women's Movement Community Membership


SMART OnDemand Courses-Training-Tools

SMART Monthly Calls-Trends-Tips-Inspirations

Exclusive VIP SMART Women’s Discounts

We support your every step on the way from ditching this all-encompassing drive to be 'perfect' to embracing the SMARFramework and creating your unique SMART Lifestyle.

You will never be alone. We have all spent too much time alone hiding.

We know what it is like to isolate and hide from the outside world.

We are here for you!

What Others Are Saying...

"Kimberlee Jo is a natural motivator and mentor with a heart bigger than Texas. She has walked through adversity and came out the other side sharing her tools and strategies for living."

Tammy Tribble
Sales Representative at Lifetouch

"Kimberlee Jo is an amazing example of strong leadership and success."

Lesley Nardini
International Speaker/Trainer/Coach

" Kimberlee is a woman who we can all learn from so that we don't feel compelled to be perfect - we can be happy with who we are while continuously learning to live healthier and happier and fulfilled lives."

Sue Griffin
Sales Professional with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Here is what you will get in the paid

SMART Women's Movement Community Membership:


On Demand SMART  VIP Course created by women...
...for women


Monthly exclusive call with SMART is the New Perfect Founder and Creator Kimberlee Jo  


Artistically designed SMART Resources and Tools to guide your personal transformation to embrace the SMART Lifestyle.


SMART Private Community Platform designed to network, share knowledge, skills and trends in our 4th Industrial Revolution.


VIP 10% Discount on SMART Online Mini-Courses and Specialty Courses


A Special One Time VIP 10% Discount on an Individualized Coaching Package with a SMART Certified Coach 


SMART Swag you are going to love after 3 months of membership....Ongoing support in our community to help you stop the never- ending cycle of striving to please the world.


Joining the SMART Women's Movement is one of the best decisions you will ever make for yourself!

We welcome you to the SMART Women’s Movement! Let’s show our daughters our sisters, our mothers, and our friends that we can be our authentic selves and have amazing relationships, and take care of ourselves and our bodies and make insane amounts of money! Together we can do anything we decide to do!

Let’s all Be SMART

and ditch 'perfect'





  • Exclusive Community Sharing and Networking
  • Spotlight SMART Woman Monthly
  • SMART Tuesday Tips
  • VIP On Demand SMART is the New Perfect Course 
  • VIP Monthly Call with Founder Kimberlee Jo
  • VIP 10% Discount Specialty and Mini Courses
  • VIP 10% Discount SMART Individual Coaching
  • Ongoing offerings and discounts
JOIN NOW Only $7

We offer full refunds within the first 15 days.

If this is not for you, that is okay. We believe in attraction and we are building a community, not in pushing women into something they do not want to do. Just contact us for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you will become a raving fan of SMART is the New Perfect. We will support you and provide you with the information that has successfully transformed women's lives. If this is not for you, that is okay. We believe in attraction and we are building a community, not in pushing women into something they do not want to do. Our company policy states we will offer a full refund within fifteen (15) days of purchase. If the request is received on or after the 16th day of purchase, no refund will be issued. You may cancel at any time.

You will have access to the SMART Women's Movement Community and the SMART is the New Perfect private Facebook Group as long as you remain a paying member. The Company continually updates programs and courses to meet and exceed the needs of our community.

We know you are busy! In fact if you are busy, you are definitely in the right place. The information is designed for the woman on the go. We have created the videos to be just like a "snack", take them with you and watch at your convenience. These are SMART Snack Size Tips on the go! You decide how much time you want to invest in your Online Community! Our hope is that you will love SMART and it will be so compelling and life-changing that you want to spend time with us! You can also race through the videos, SMART Sheets, Activities and listen to the Group Coaching and Mastermind calls at your convenience. As our company culture states : we all work differently and at different paces. We welcome and we respect diverse people and diverse learning styles!

I lead all of our group discussions and mastermind sessions. We want to meet your needs so if you would like to speak, please email [email protected] and we can schedule a time for us to talk. 

We would love to have you join the movement to uplift all women around the world! We are passionate about every single woman who wants to live an authentic, fulfilling and meaningful life. Click Here to Join The SMART Women's Movement


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