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The Timing is Perfect for SMART is the New Perfect: Stand Up Speak Up Power Up

A global transformation is happening for women in 2020.  It is time for you to ditch 'perfect?' Is it time to join women who are breaking up with perfectionism? Is it your time to live authentically? Become the women you are meant to be.

The SMART Framework guides you HOW to Stand Up for what you want to STOP and what you want to START in your life. Silence will not serve you. You are not being fair to yourself or to our world by people pleasing and not acknowledging what you see and what you feel. It is time to bring your authentic self forward to open doors,  Speak Up to  communicate effectively to be heard and understood. It is your time to Power Up to remain strong in your truth in business, in relationships, and in life.

We are SMART Women leading  the SMART Women's Movement to provide solutions and to support one another. There is a lot of noise out there! Let’s take advantage of our opportunity to make long-lasting change for generations to come locally, nationally and globally.

Is she you? 

Whether she is navigating a corporate or entrepreneurial career, raising a family alone or married; she is tired of trying to be 'perfect' for everyone else, except herself. She is longing for authenticity and to be valued and appreciated for who she is, not for what she does. She is seeking SMART solutions. 

She is SMART.

SMART is the New Perfect is for her.  

Join the SMART Women’s Movement and be a part of a group of strong, bright, accomplished “very busy” women who want more!

We provide solutions on how to overcome perfectionism, how to explore your passions and purpose, how to prepare for a promotion, a job interview or to start your own business, how to create a sense of wellness through lessons about self-compassion, exercise and healthy nutrition, and how to have healthy relationships where you are both fulfilled and full. 

We meet you where you are!

We all have a story, we have all struggled, we have all overcome, and we have all loved, lost, succeeded and failed. We are a movement where we support one another with grace.

We invite you to join us! 

Imperfectly yours,

What is Perfect Costing You?

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